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Temporary Orders in Williamson County Divorce Cases

  In Texas, there is a mandatory, 60-day waiting period from the date a divorce is filed before it can be finalized, but most cases take longer than that to finish.  This is because it is often necessary to gather significant financial and child related... read more

Reducing the Cost of Your Williamson County Divorce

Below are some tips from a Williamson County Divorce Attorney to help you reduce the cost of your divorce: Be Organized – Divorces often involve the exchange of stacks of bank statements, credit card statements, school records and the like.  When your attorney... read more

Texas Child Support Enforcement Process | Jay Smith Law

Child Support Enforcement in Texas There are two primary ways to enforce child support in Texas: by hiring a Williamson County or Austin family law attorney or by using the Texas Attorney General’s office.   USING THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE The Texas... read more

Uncontested Divorce in Texas | Law Office of Jay D. Smith

Uncontested Divorce in Texas Most Round Rock divorce cases are ultimately resolved by agreement and do not require a contested hearing in front of a judge.  The phrase “uncontested divorce” refers broadly to this category of cases, though the amount of conflict and... read more